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Your Personalized Skin Diagnostic

This new cutting-edge technology quickly assesses your skin's overall health with ratings for wrinkles, under eye dark circles, spots, blemishes, and skin health. Customized product recommendations will be generated based on your overall skin health results.


Take off glasses and clear hair from face


Make sure you’re in an area with good lighting


Remove makeup for the best results


Keep your face in the circle and look ahead


Products recommended for your skin type

Customized product recommendations will be shown after the diagnostic.

SkinMedica® Skincare Regimen

SkinMedica® Skincare Regimen – Moderate

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Mini Essentials bundle

SkinMedica® Minis Collection

Formulated to deliver smooth, RADIANT skin and stocked full of fan-favorites. SkinMedica ®  Minis Collection lets you GET THAT GLOW, even on the go.

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